Verifying Credentials

Now that you created, issued and stored credentials, the next step is to verify credentials that users present.

Verifiers are any individual(s) or institution(s) (service provider) with which a user chooses to share data, such as sharing a driver license as proof of age or credit card information when applying for a loan.

The credentials issued by PingOne Credentials are compliant with both the PingOne proprietary credential format, and the JWT VC Presentation Profile driven by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). More information about the JWT VC Presentation Profile can be found here.

Because the credentials issued are interoperable, credentials issued by PingOne Credentials can be verified by PingOne Credentials Verification service, or through an alternative JWT VC Presentation Profile Verification Provider (such as Microsoft)

Credential Verification (High Level Steps)

      1. You must initiate the Verification process, specifying what credentials and credential data you want in the request.
      Best practice: specify the PingOne Issuer environmentIDs that you want to verify.
      2. Display the corresponding QR code for the User to scan in their mobile wallet
      3. Check the verification status

Simple Demos

In the following demos, you can select which CredType you want to verify for, and decide if you want NATIVE or OPENID4VP format for Verification.

End-to-End Demos

Before trying out the following demos, make sure that you issue the required BX* credentials from End-to-End Demos in the 2 - Issuing Credentials section, and that you see those credentials in the Sample Mobile App Wallet before proceeding:

  • BXHealth

    Verifies a BXInsurance Credential and a BXGovernment Credential using the Sample Mobile Wallet App. Click Patient Check-In on the upper right to get started.

  • BXEats

    Verifies a BXEducation Credential (gets you 20% of your BXEats order) and a BXGovernment Credential using the Sample Mobile Wallet App. Click Cart (2) on the upper right to get started.

Try for Yourself

The following PingOne DaVinci workflows are available for download to get you up and running quickly with PingOne Neo. You need to modify Flow variables to reference your own PingOne environments. This requires PingOne DaVinci as a service in your PingOne tenant. See more information here.

Node that requires update after import:

  • Get Access Token - The client id / secret from a configured P1 Credentials worker application (enabled for POST).

API Documentation

See our API documentation if you want to invoke PingOne Neo directly as a service.